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About us

We help organizations help their people, because engaged people are the driving force of business.

Engaged employees and your organization

Engaged employees are more productive, loyal and perform better during challenging times. For your organization this means higher retention, customer satisfaction, productivity and profit.

Employee Support Solutions drive engagement

Employee Support Solutions help your organization, your employees and their families resolve work, health and life issues that can interfere with productivity and engagement. Close to 10,000 organizations have strengthened their workplace with our Employee Support Solutions.

Experts and leaders in health and productivity

Our experts are often called upon by media, conference organizers and governance committees to help business leaders understand the importance and value of employee health in every sector of business.

Accreditation - commitment to excellence and service delivery

Key to our long standing success has been the quality assurance standards and clinical practices that we employ. All that we do is validated by national, objective, independent and reliable standards for behavioural health and social service organizations by the Council on Accreditation (COA).

As the largest Canadian-based provider of EFAP services, as well as the first Canadian provider to achieve COA accreditation, we are proud of our continuous investment in our people, programs, and systems to ensure unparalleled quality.


We operate in a culture of continuous improvement as we strive to always be at the forefront of innovation in our industry, bringing valuable changes and additions to enhance our clients’ experiences. Recent relevant examples include:

My Migo

My Migo is a short-term counselling program born of Design Thinking, that connects employees and a team of our EFAP experts to set a goal and build a personal counselling plan to achieve that goal.

Through the My Migo mobile device application (app), an individual and a team of EFAP experts will create a personal counselling plan, and engage in ongoing support and check-ins to keep them on track to achieve their goal.

Counselling plans have three phases: awareness, skill building, and integration of new skills into daily life. With each phase, employees discover new resources and activities that have been selected by our experts just for them. Throughout the program, we will check in to see how they are progressing toward the goal, and if there are any adjustments needed.

Watch this video to learn more about My Migo

With Millennials now making up the largest demographic in the Canadian workforce, and our mobile devices being such an integral part of our everyday lives - from news to banking to pre-ordering coffee to physical and mental health support - My Migo will better reach and support these employees in a way thatís easy, accessible, and intuitive to them.

What My Migo users are saying:

It is nice to have some say in your own treatment plan.
The recommended resources were personalized to and my issue.
I like that My Migo is on my time.
I donít have a lot of time during the week, so to be able to check into My Migo whenever I have 5 minutes is amazing!
I can quickly write a message on the app to connect.

What My Migo users are saying:

  • My Migo is available to Canadian employees and their family members.
  • Call the Care Access Centre at 1.800.387.4765 to find out if My Migo is the right counselling support for you.

Online Group Counselling

Online group counselling is a form of therapy where multiple participants discuss their similar issue(s) with a counsellor in a private and secure online setting. Group interactions allow participants to build relationships, receive feedback on how to meet goals and overcome challenges and gain encouragement from others.

This new counselling modality will help employers reach more individuals seeking help (particularly young adults who are digitally connected and increasingly mobile), assist these individuals in getting the treatment they need, and even attract new users of company-provided EFAP services. All of this helps contribute to a healthier and more productive workforce.

Structure of online group counselling:

  • Four one hour sessions
  • Eight to ten participants (from different employer organizations) per group
  • Secure interactive website that is accessible via on all digital platforms (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Real-time interaction with a counsellor and other group members
  • Group work that includes in-session online activities, homework and self-guided learning modules

Online group counselling offers:

  • Group dynamics, which create a positive environment for learning, sharing and modeling behaviours
  • Digital counselling, which attracts individuals that may not have sought mental health support in the past
  • The ease of creating digital identities (i.e. usernames and avatars), which fosters a sense of freedom - with online anonymity, individuals tend to share more easily and express emotions or thoughts that they may not otherwise share

Getting started with online group counselling:

Clients can learn more about and get started with online group counselling by contacting the EFAP Care Access Centre at 1.866.833.7690.

Read the white paper: "Unfolding the power of the digital world: Launching online group counselling in an Employee and Family Assistance Program"

First Chat

First Chat provides real-time online conversation with our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) support professionals for immediate assistance with work, health or life issues – an EFAP industry first! Users can chat instantly online with a professional counsellor or inquire about and book EFAP support services.

Support is available 24/7/365 – no delays or appointments needed!

First Chat provides:

  • Confidential and secure instant professional support
  • Real-time online communication for either:
    • Immediate issue exploration with a professional counsellor
    • EFAP support service inquiry and booking
  • Ultimate convenience and privacy

What First Chat users are saying:

First Chat

“With today’s office environment moving towards cubicles without any privacy, the internet chat is great for being able to discuss things and get info without the whole floor knowing.”

“It is very good way to communicate, especially for those who are shy, or nervous. [This] is more comfortable way to start conversation. Thank you.”

First Chat – confidential and secure:

No software to install means instant access to confidential support. First Chat sessions are hosted with fully secure data transmission and storage. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Chat now!

  • First Chat is available to Canadian employees and their family members.
  • Go to and click on the First Chat button.
  • From a mobile device, use My EAP app and click on any Chat Now link or find the First Chat button under Tools.

Award-winning My EAP app

Get the help you need on your mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

Gain immediate, confidential and secure access to your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) on your mobile device. Available worldwide in three languages and across all major mobile platforms, our My EAP app is your 'always-on' mobile support tool. Watch video now.

Confidential support 'on the go'

  • In-app counselling
  • In-app service booking
  • Call our Care Access Centre for support worldwide with one touch
  • Assess your stress level, health of your relationship, and financial wellness
  • Mobile-friendly versions of your EFAP online programs
  • Insightful articles and videos
  • Available in English, French, and Spanish

What's new on My EAP

  • Now you can login and access your EFAP online programs under My Activities and view the EFAP services specific to your organization
  • My EAP accepts the same login credentials as our website,

Free download and available worldwide, simply visit your device app store or scan QR code now.

My EAP user feedback

“Useful resource - articles, videos, and quizzes. Able to initiate access to clinical support quickly.”
“Great material to read during my train commute Ė gives me a positive kick start to my day.”
“Thank you, I needed support immediately and [First Chat] was there, thanks.”
“It's like having a friend, a lawyer, a counsellor and various health tools with you at all times.”

If you are in a crisis situation or at risk of harm to yourself or others, the Care Access Centre is available 24/7 for immediate and confidential assistance.

Device and system requirements to run My EAP include Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad device software OS4.3 or higher, BlackBerry [Curve, Torch, Bold, Z10, Q10] device software V 5.0 or 10.1 or higher, or Android device software OS3 or higher. A QR code scanner or reader may be required. Refer to My EAP FAQs for additional detailed software and phone requirements.
Depending on worldwide location, regional restrictions and device version some services, features and functionality may not be available.

eHealthcare Leadership Awards 2015 Winner
Canadian Award for Training Excellence 2013
COA Innovative Practices Award 2013
EAEF Innovation of the Year Award 2012
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E-Counselling is a series of written exchanges with a professional counsellor, and does not depend on quickness of thought or speed of typing. E-Counselling is delivered via a private messaging portal accessed securely via the Internet or My EAP app anytime, from anywhere in the world.

E-Counselling offers:

  • Professional counselling via written exchanges online
  • Private access anytime from anywhere
  • Ultimate security for all correspondence

E-Counselling is right for people who:

  • Express themselves clearly through writing
  • Enjoy writing from the privacy of their own computer
  • Are seeking professional, direct assistance in addressing personal issues
  • Have busy schedules or limited opportunities to attend In-Person Counselling

E-Counselling – confidential and secure

Whether E-Counselling is accessed via computer or mobile device, the security of E-Counselling is ensured through a direct connection with the secure Shepell server. Our encryption software and clinical practices ensure your information is protected. Users are required to enter their private login credentials each time they access E-Counselling.

Register for E-Counselling now!

Video Counselling

Video Counselling offers an exciting new way to access Professional Counselling. This new method of delivery offers ultimate flexibility - appealing to a wide range of users. Video Counselling clients will engage in real-time, private and confidential conversations with their counsellor.

Video Counselling offers:

  • Professional Counselling via the Internet and webcam
  • Convenient virtual face-to-face interaction
  • Secure and stable platform

Video Counselling is best suited for those who:

  • Live in remote regions
  • Have busy schedules or limited opportunities to attend In-Person Counselling
  • Prefer to express themselves verbally (rather than in writing)
  • Have exceptional privacy needs

Video Counselling – system requirements and security

The client will need a high-speed Internet connection, webcam, telephone, and will be required to install software. The Video Counselling software has many safeguards, encryptions, and firewalls ensuring login credentials and all communications are kept private and safe.

Getting started with Video Counselling

Clients can learn more about and get started with Video Counselling by contacting the EFAP Care Access Centre at 1 800 387-4765.

Text-based Self-help Counselling

Text-based Self-help Counselling is offered through our Health & Wellness Resource Packages; solution-focused  collection of resources and information that clients can consult at their own pace. Packages address various topics and each contains an integrated set of practical and easy-to-use articles, tips sheets, self-assessment questionnaires and additional reference materials.

Health & Wellness Resource Packages are written by experts:

Each package consists of a booklet containing the latest expert information in article, checklist, tip sheet, self-assessment questionnaires or activity format.  Additionally, packages can include books by best selling authors, audio resources and more!  Relevant expert materials will help clients:

  • Understand their issue thoroughly
  • Assess where they are and where they need to go
  • Plan and problem-solve
  • Take action and evaluate progress

Health & Wellness Resource Packages are available on the following topics:

  • Eating for Health
  • Parenting School-Age Children (6-12 years)
  • Parenting Teens
  • Enhancing Your Relationship
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Enriching Your Career
  • Managing Workplace Stress
  • Job Loss and Transition

How to obtain Health & Wellness Resource Packages

  • Employees and family members in Canada can go to and click on the Online Access button to select packages online
  • Alternatively, any employee or family member can contact our Care Access Center at 1 800 387-4765 or use First Chat to request a package
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