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Operational Effectiveness

It can be challenging for organizations to have the breadth and depth of expertise in-house needed to effectively and efficiently handle health and wellness programs, and communications, as well as keep up to date on legislative changes, trends, and technology.

Total health solutions is our business

We have the proven expertise and the tools to successfully assess, plan, and implement your mental and physical health, wellness, and learning programs for improved operational effectiveness. No matter the size or industry, Shepell is your trusted partner to deliver what you need to help your people, improving productivity and engagement - and your bottom line.

Workplace learning

We listen to your individual needs and goals in order to recommend and implement the most appropriate workplace learning solutions for your workforce, along with the best-matched facilitators, coaches, and mediators. We lead the way on learning with Canada's first university-certified workplace mental health leadership training program, a collaborative effort of Shepell, Bell, and Queen's University.

Employee self-service

Our EFAP services are available in various formats to provide optimal accessibility so employees and their families can get the help they need when and how they need it. And our Workplace Learning is delivered in a number of ways, allowing employees to choose how they receive information and training.

Employee support

We support our clients anytime, anywhere with three contact centres and help available in over 170 languages. Our Client Care Representatives respond quickly to client questions about service, coverage and usually book appointments during the first call.

Measures and results

Measurement - a return on investment - is important to you and us. Shepell's Total Health Solutions approach ensures that we capture the data that is most meaningful to your organization and use it to provide results.

Unique to Shepell, your organization is provided with the tools to review and evaluate the performance of your total health solutions in near real-time via our X Portal. For your organization, it's a window to your people, productivity and performance

We're your partner for health, wellness and learning needs

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