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Productivity and Cost Effectiveness

We understand the pressure to improve the bottom line at your organization and enhance your competitive position. You need to increase the productivity of your workforce, lower costs, and achieve a better return for your health and wellness programs.

Expertise, data, and strategy

With Shepell's Total Health Solutions approach, we leverage the depth and breadth of our expertise and experience to provide the solutions that are best for your organization and people. Core to cost effectiveness is ensuring you receive maximum value from your employees, and your health and wellness programs. We use data to identify trends and issues, and take a strategic approach in everything we do - helping your business reduce costs and maximize results. Unique to Shepell, your organization is provided with the tools to review and evaluate the performance of your total health solutions in near real-time via our Portal. For your organization, it's a window to your people, productivity and performance.

Mental health

Thirty per cent of disability claims now relate to mental health issues, costing employers an average $1,500 per person each year. Shepell's leadership in workplace mental health enables us to clarify the complexities of mental health issues to manageable actions that achieve measurable results. An estimated 15% to 33% reduction in psychological health costs is achievable when effective and appropriate policies and programs are implemented. The return is even higher when services are combined.

Employee and family assistance program (EFAP)

Providing employees with support and help where and when they need it helps them stay productive. As the world's largest EFAP provider, Shepell offers counselling, coaching, programs and tools to help your employees and their families achieve a healthy work-life balance. Our clients have seen an average ROI of up to 8:1 and a 25% reduction in health-related lost-productivity costs when an EFAP is available.

Contain costs with solutions that fit your needs

Contact Shepell to contain costs with health and wellness programs that improve employee mental, physical and financial health and produce better business results.

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