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Customized Programs

Focused solutions offer organizations the ability to address specific employee needs and issues that can affect the workplace. Shepell's targeted health programs are developed assist with mental health, life stages, stress, change, addictions, return to work and much more.

Our three decades of experience in workforce health and productivity allow us to design specific support for a diverse range of organizational and employee needs. We have a variety of programs that provide a full spectrum of customized support to assist with mental health challenges including depression, addiction and substance abuse, unique employee populations like expatriates and remote workforces, and life stage changes.

Mental health support in the workplace

Our Workplace Support Program is comprised of clinical interventions to address mental health issues requiring longer-term, specialized, or intensive levels of care. Delivered through specific referral processes, this approach can prevent workplace performance problems, absence, and disability.

Workplace Support Program
  • NEW Trauma Assist is a longer-term and specialized program that helps individuals cope with traumatic stress and build resilience in their lives. The program provides a much-needed confidential solution for mild to moderate symptoms of traumatic stress. Trauma Assist is focused on early intervention to help mitigate future disability claims Learn more here.
  • The Workplace Referral Program is either a mandated or monitored employee referral for support with any issue impacting behaviour in the workplace (i.e., long-term mental health and addiction issues).
  • WorkAssist™ is a longer-term approach to addressing depression, anxiety, or addictions issues that may lead to future disability or may be at the root of a current disability case. It is used primarily as a tool to get those employees who are already on disability return to work.
  • Depression Care™ is a longer-term approach to addressing depression and anxiety. Depression Care uses self-referral by employees through the employee and family assistance program.
  • The Substance Abuse Program follows US Substance Abuse Professional (SAP-DOT) program requirements but is conducted by our addiction specialists, making the program more accessible and affordable.
  • The Structured Relapse Prevention Program is a long-term follow-up to prevent relapse and disability for those who have completed an addictions program.
Supporting workforces abroad and remote

Expatriate and remote workforces have unique experiences and challenges that require customized support to ensure they remain healthy and productive. We use technology like video counselling, online chat and virtual classrooms to provide support delivery options to these workforces. Our worldwide network of professionals possesses the necessary cross-cultural expertise to effectively help. Shepell's learning programs can also provide essential education for your leaders and workforces alike in the areas of cross-cultural competency, resiliency, substance abuse, stress management, family relations, and more.

Organizational health solutions

We understand that organizations are facing mounting challenges in effectively managing health and productivity in the workplace. Costs associated with absenteeism, disability, drug benefits and employee engagement are escalating at unprecedented rates. We recognize that organizations are looking for innovative and integrated solutions to address these concerns.

We take to time to understand unique needs and customize a solution to meet those needs - focusing on reducing overall costs, realizing administrative efficiency, and enhancing support for employees, people leaders, and all key program stakeholders.

Our prevention programs and health coaching can be combined with our employee and family assistance program to provide you with a robust health program.

Health risk management

Health risk management services helps employees achieve their best health and professional performance by providing the tools, resources, and support they need to take a more proactive approach to managing their health risks and other workplace issues. From an organizational perspective, we help companies contain costs and increase productivity by identifying the unique drivers of their organization's overall health profile and by offering integrated solutions to support them.

Workers' compensation services

Workers' compensation offers in-depth knowledge and expertise around workplace safety requirements, strategic claims management, employee coverage and benefit entitlements, return-to-work, and various other services. Our national team provides timely and expert support to employees and employers around work-related illness and/or injury. With over 75 years of combined experience in workers' compensation and prevention matters, we offer what no other single service provider can offer: trusted expert consultation PLUS proven claims management expertise.

Attendance and disability management

Costs associated with absenteeism, disability, drug benefits and employee engagement are rising at alarming rates. A robust disability management program with us contains these costs by providing a wide range of services geared to keep the employee healthy and productive. Our program supports both the employer and the employee throughout the disability process from the onset of an absence to our industry leading return-to-work planning.

The program provides a structured way to manage absence quickly, fairly and consistently. We offer a better way to manage casual absences that will promote accountability, help you uncover absence trends and support your employee's ability to be present at work.

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