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Getting to Your GoldTM

Getting to Your GoldTM is Canada's only total wellness product led by elite Canadian athlete ambassadors - and a perfect extension of Shepell's involvement and sponsorship of the Canadian Olympic Team.

The primary objective of Getting to Your GoldTM is to maximize employee engagement in their own health outcomes and we will work with employers to find the best athlete ambassador for their employees.

Getting to your GoldTM is hosted on an online portal that houses different Olympic spirit-themed challenges, athlete videos, heath & wellness polls and expert advice. We know that in order to engage employees with any program, it has to dynamic, enticing, fun and interactive. When you associate an elite Canadian athlete directly with the employee, we are convinced that this will lead to greater engagement and accountability.

Through this portal Canadians across the country will be able to directly cheer on the Canadian Olympic Team and have a unique first-hand experience with the Olympics.

Elite athlete ambassadors

Having an elite athlete as your workplace health ambassador brings a unique "face" to your program:

  • An intimate and inspirational relationship with elite Canadian athletes and the Canadian Olympic Team
  • Front-row seat to experience elite athlete focus and resiliency
  • Pride and morale building through social involvement
  • Direct athlete funding to support Canada's Olympic success
Wellness challenges

In Getting to Your GoldTM, employee engagement and total wellbeing are optimized through fun and informative Olympic spirit-themed challenges:

  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Rest/sleep
  • Mental wellness
Online platform

The Getting to Your GoldTM online platform includes:

  • Dashboard: compromised of various site features that track and/or display key information for the user including: steps, results, wellness score,
  • Points and/or Incentive based program structure: participants will be rewarded points for their actions within the program (setting goals, meeting goals, participation in challenges, etc…), working towards various achievement levels.
  • Goal setting: users may have individual goals and team goals they set and track, and these may change over the coaching period.
  • Trackers: individual trackers to count steps, calories, food, weight, and more.
  • Challenges: individual and group challenges are a main component of the program. Top performers will be recognized on the platform leaderboard.
  • Library: expert articles on fitness, nutrition, rest, coping skills and more are available along with elite athlete-developed videos and program orientation video.
  • Motivational messages: health tips, useful advice.
Image of athletes at opening ceremonies with Canadian flag

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Bring the spirit of the Games to your workplace with Getting to Your GoldTM.

For more information please contact or reach out to your Shepell account manager.

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