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Individual Health Screening

By assessing employee health, your organization can focus strategies and solutions on key areas of risk. For your business, this focus means cost containment, and healthier, more productive employees. For your employees, the assessment results empower them to seek appropriate support to make meaningful changes in their life to improve their health and well-being.

Individual health screening kit

Employees can use our individual health screening kit in the privacy of their own home. Through blood analysis, an individual learns their numbers for glucose, cholesterol and more. Organizations receive an aggregate report identifying areas of risk within their workforce population. Individual Health Screening results also provide accurate numbers for employees to use in our THI Discovery.

Benefits of using Individual Health Screening
  • Identify health risks within the employee population
  • Encourage at-risk employees to take action to improve their total health
  • Provide solutions to help employees manage their risk over time
  • Focus health and wellness solutions and programs to contain costs
Features of Individual Health Screening
  • Confidential and convenient use of the screening kit and access to the results report
  • Individual and organizational (aggregate) results and risk reporting
  • Direction to the most beneficial interventions based on risk levels including existing programs such as the Employee and Family Assistance Program
  • Turnkey program implementation and ongoing program management support
  • Integration opportunities with existing wellness components and  strategies
Measure employee health to reduce costs

Discover how our individual health screening kit can contain costs and improve employee health.

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