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Proactive Reach Outs

It's hard to reach out for help. And when people do, their issue is often already negatively affecting their health, relationships and/or work performance. That's what makes our Echo program unique - it proactively offers useful, expert advice to support employees through the challenges they encounter during different life stages - starting a new job, having a baby, and/or turning 50. Information and resource kits are delivered directly to the employee as they are transitioning into this new life stage. Echo is a great addition to your existing employee and family assistance program or as an innovative stand-alone support program.

What is Echo?

As life changes - starting a new job, having a baby, turning 50 - we can feel stress and anxiety as there is uncertainty about what lies ahead. Not everyone will seek the support they need.

The Echo proactive employee support program will offer useful and expert advice to support employees through the challenges of new life stages as they happen. Sponsored by the organization, Echo is complimentary, confidential and voluntary.

I feel very fortunate and especially proud to be working for a company that is invested in the health and well-being of its own employees. Thank you for the valuable information and the ingenuity of Echo!

The suggestions are very practical and beneficial.

This is a great service - especially for a first time parent. The information is current, relevant and laid out nicely.

The idea behind Echo is simple, yet powerful; organizations that provide proactive support to their employees will increase employee engagement. Engaged employees are the driving force of an organization; they are more productive, loyal and will perform better during challenging times. Proactively supporting employees is good for business!

Echo information kits

The Echo program consists of Echo information kits that will be delivered confidentially at the employee's home as they reach one of these important life stages:

  • New employee
  • Maternity leave
  • Returning to work after maternity leave
  • Parental orientation to child milestone: 13-18 years of age
  • 50th milestone

Echo information kits contain:

  • Timely tips and resources from qualified experts all tailored to the specific life event
  • Several kits also include complimentary three month access to expertly-developed online programs:
    • Online Stress Management Program
    • Echo Online Financial features customized financial information for that life event and the ability to create a personalized financial plan

Key to this new program is the processes we have put into place to ensure complete confidentiality. A contained and dedicated team within the Shepell Care Access Centre has been established to deliver the Echo program. The kits will be delivered to the employee home to ensure privacy.

Echo is a great addition to your existing employee assistance program or available as a stand-alone support program for your organization. Experience the Echo proactive employee support program.

Proactive support for life stage changes

Unique and effective, our Echo Proactive Employee Support Program provides organizations with an opportunity to proactively help employees when they encounter life stage changes so that they can continue performing at optimum levels.

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