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THI Discovery
Your employees are healthy, engaged and productive. Or are they?

The tools for measuring health, engagement and productivity are often disconnected, making it hard for organizations to see the overall picture, determine the best strategy, and make the right program investments for driving improved results.

Shepell's THI Discovery is an evidence-based analytical tool that helps support organizations to improve their employees' health, engagement and productivity. THI Discovery goes beyond the scope of traditional assessment tools to capture data on all four components of total health - physical, mental, life and work.

By having clear and actionable insights, you and your employees can make decisions that have the greatest impact on total health, leading to increased organizational effectiveness and better business performance. THI Discovery provides the strong evidence you need to best direct your spending on people and programs, and achieve the best return on your investments.

THI Discovery supports return on investment (ROI) and value of investment (VOI) analysis that demonstrates which programs are having an impact and to what degree.

Identify and address root causes of employee and health engagement issues

Unlike traditional assessment tools, THI Discovery provides insights into not just what employees think about their employment experience, but why they think that way. THI Discovery helps you identify and address the root causes of employee health and engagement issues.

THI Discovery is based on the understanding that both employers and employees have important roles to play in improving total health. A new, shared accountability is created. Employees gain a greater awareness of the areas where they can improve their own health, engagement and productivity. Employers gain an awareness of employee health risks as well as organizational barriers to performance, so they do their part to improve the health, engagement and productivity of their workforce.

Actionable Insights

Use THI Discovery to uncover opportunities to ensure your investments in health and wellness programs produce the best outcomes for employees and your organization.

The four factors that influence total health

Data across four dimensions - physical, mental, work and life - create one comprehensive and powerful picture for employees so they gain a clearer understanding of where their health is suffering.

Total Health

As an employer, you obtain big picture feedback on your employees' health issues. THI Discovery provides you with a platform to turn your employee health data into actionable insights.

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