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Traumatic Events: Accidents, death and suicide

Following a traumatic event such as a workplace accident, death or suicide, your organization will need to make assessments and decisions regarding appropriate communications, interventions and support. Because grief in the workplace is often expressed and manifested differently than grief in our personal lives, engaging expert support from outside the organization is most effective to ensure thorough situation and impact assessment.

Shepell Traumatic Event Support can provide:
  • On-site meetings with those impacted designed to normalize reaction, minimize post-traumatic stress (PTS)
  • Trauma counselling for those requiring additional support, multiple location capabilities
  • Training in stress management and traumatic event response protocols for your organization including best practice communication, interaction with affected family members, death notifications, letter of condolence and investigations
  • Expert materials and communications addressing trauma, grief, sorrow and aftermath coping strategies

“Due to an accident at our facility, three of our staff died. We requested the service of a counsellor for a few days to help our grieving staff. The trauma counsellor sent from Shepell was a rare pearl and was perfect for this type of intervention. We only heard positive comments about the counsellor and we don’t know what we would have done without her support.”

“The Shepell counsellor was very helpful to staff at a very difficult time. She had a great recommendation for how the team could honour their late colleague. We are very appreciative that the counsellor made herself available via phone the following day to follow-up.”

If your organization is in need of Traumatic Event Support contact Shepell 24/7/365 by calling 1 855 369-9476. If you are an employee in need of assistance click here.

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