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Traumatic Events: Downsizing and individual terminations

Layoffs (downsizing) as well as individual terminations can affect your entire workplace; those who are let go as well as those who will remain. Both events are often traumatic causing stress, anxiety and guilt which can negatively affect productivity and engagement. Professional assistance in planning and event execution will ensure both employee dignity and business sense.

Working with your organization, Shepell’s Downsizing Support Services provide:
  • Strategic assessment, planning and communications consultation based on best practice
  • On-site meetings with those impacted designed to normalize reaction, minimize post-traumatic stress (PTS)
  • Trauma counselling for those requiring additional support, multiple location capabilities
  • Training in stress management and traumatic event response protocols
  • Hosted Workshops and Coaching
  • Employee Assistance Program services for ongoing professional support
  • Expert materials and communications addressing trauma, stress, anxiety, guilt and aftermath coping strategies including a new Health and Wellness Resource Package: Job Loss and Transition that terminated employees can consult at home.

“We had a group of four managers witness an employee’s emotional breakdown following their termination announcement, resulting in the employee having to be taken to the hospital. We ended up bringing in a Shepell trauma counsellor; they provided tips and tools that the participants found it to be very beneficial.”

“The Shepell trauma counsellor was exceptional in providing on site support for our Manager as well as the employee who was having a difficult time dealing with a termination. She was professional and compassionate in her approach with both individuals.”

“I would like to thank everyone for all the support that you provided us of the past few months. I am amazed at how your team was able to pull last minute requests and also the quality service that each counsellor provided our staff with. I heard nothing but good things from all the centres.”

If your organization is in need of Traumatic Event Support contact Shepell 24/7/365 by calling 1 855 369-9476. If you are an employee in need of assistance click here.

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