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How We Help

Shepell Traumatic Event Support is available to organizations of any size and industry. We successfully support hundreds of organizations each and every month with traumatic event management. Starting with an Immediate Support Consultation, our experts will assess the situation, recommend and develop a course of action, and deliver professional services as needed.

For Traumatic Event Support contact Shepell 24/7/365 by calling 1 855 369-9476.

Shepell’s Traumatic Event Support Team will provide your organization with:
  • An Immediate Support Consultation featuring a detailed initial assessment of the situation
  • Development of an action plan for service delivery based on professional recommendations, needs and wants of your organization that could include:
    • On-site meetings for those impacted designed to normalize reactions, minimize post-traumatic stress (PTS)
    • Trauma counselling for those requiring additional support, multiple location capabilities, innovative counselling service delivery
    • Training in stress management and traumatic event response protocols for your organization
    • Disaster planning consultation
    • Assisting in the establishment of peer teams, including the selection, interviewing and training of peer candidates and promotional awareness of peer systems
  • Post service delivery consultation featuring client feedback

“Coordination was perfect and the way they care about the feedback is great. In case there is any other intervention we would love to call Shepell as we are sure of the good coordination and the efficiency of service.”

If your organization is in need of Traumatic Event Support contact Shepell 24/7/365 by calling 1 855 369-9476. If you are an employee in need of assistance click here.

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