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Intercultural Learning

You no longer have to be an international organization to have global challenges. The growing diversity and mobility of today's workforce is creating cross-cultural challenges and opportunities in every work environment.

Our competitive advantage is our unique holistic approach to complex intercultural learning and development programs and our in-house clinical expertise

Our expertise helps employees and families maximize their intercultural competency to expedite integration into a new environment through enhanced understanding, communication and teamwork.

We support diverse workforces

  • Domestic workforces
  • Expatriate employees and their families
  • Global people leaders and short-term business travelers
  • Groups that require assistance in working across cultural borders

Learning and sessions include in-person, digital and telephonic options

We offer learning and development programs

  • Adult cross-cultural training
  • Youth cross-cultural training
  • Intercultural coaching
  • Short-term assignment training
  • Global business traveler training

We provide repatriation services

  • Adult repatriation training
  • Youth repatriation training
  • Business repatriation training

We accommodate group business learning

  • Becoming world wise
  • Communicating across cultures
  • Country-specific group training
  • Customized intercultural business training
  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability trainings
  • Executive mindfulness and resiliency programs

We're experts in providing host country support and learning

Selection and preparation services (Clinical):

  • Pre-departure preparation and evaluation service
  • Personal/family preparation service

Destination services

  • Preview trip/area orientation
  • Home search
  • Settling in assistance
  • Schooling assistance
  • Depart and disconnect services
  • Lease renewal

Online assessment tools and additional resources

  • Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory
  • Intercultural Development Inventory
  • International Relocation Center Online Country Specific Information (covering 170 destinations worldwide)
  • The Culture Compass

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