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Learner Feedback

Workplace impact and value of our learning solutions is best illustrated through learner feedback.

Work, health and life learning workshops

Substance abuse
"As a supervisor, this helped me understand the different levels of abuse and how to look at it objectively and for the betterment of the employee."

"Taught me how to approach an employee that is impaired and showed me the steps to follow."

Mental health in the workplace
"As a leader, I deal with these situations on a regular basis. This workshop provided concrete tools that were easy to implement."

"Demystified mental health and mental illness, removing some of the stigma that surrounds these issues."

"I realized it's about managing behaviour and performance, not the illness itself."

"[The workshop] was fun and engaging and really transformed how participants interact with the world around them."

"Our staff became more conscious about how their attitudes, values and beliefs have shaped their behaviour."

Respect in the workplace
"Really helps staff understand their accountability for respect in the workplace to one another and to the workplace at large."

"Our team really benefited from the 'What makes me feel respected?' activity. It was interesting to find out how everyday behaviour that we take for granted was actually hurting others. It gave us a chance to create some boundaries."

Leading through change
 "Leading through Change helped me recognize that I've got the power to really help my staff get on board with changes in our workplace. We do have a chance to make a difference and learn some new and invaluable skills."

"The skills learned in Leading through Change can be transferred to any challenging leadership situation in the workplace."

Workplace development coaching
"Coaching provided me with the tools to address specific situations and challenging performance issues."
"Through developing more effective coaching techniques, I was able to help my team achieve better results more quickly."

"My coach provided me with great support through a disciplined and clear framework that allowed me to refocus and reassess priorities and direction regarding my career and life in general. I gained significant clarity on next steps and moving forward with a renewed outlook."

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