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Workplace Development

By enhancing the abilities and knowledge of your employees, we can help you create a highly skilled and adaptable workforce. We will listen and work together with you to understand your unique workplace challenges and opportunities, and then design and implement a successful workplace development strategy that can be integrated into your existing programs.

We provide comprehensive solutions that contribute to the development of healthy workplaces through consultation, education and services focused on resolving critical workplace challenges

  • Conflict
  • Inappropriate conduct and behaviour
  • Performance
  • Team effectiveness
  • Leadership
Our experts help your organization successfully resolve workplace issues 


Coaching is ideal for organizations looking to promote, develop or assist an employee with reoccurring issues.

Coaching consists of direct, unbiased and valued support in a confidential setting to help employees develop critical skills for advancement within the organization or assistance in curbing ineffective behaviour

Coaching involves establishing a collaborative alliance that is uniquely defined by the employee (coachee) and your organization's goals. The coaching relationship is a professional partnership between the coach and coachee in a process that focuses on the achievement of clear objectives and goals.

Coaching objectives

  • Identify and reflect on ineffective communication and/or behaviour styles and focus on achievement of a more productive style.
  • Set priorities and goals, and establish accountability and action.
  • Manage difficult situations with confidence.
  • Prepare for next level of leadership and advancement.

Types of coaching

  • People leader (executive, leadership and management)
  • Career
  • Management effectiveness
  • Developmental
  • Conflict

Our network of professional coaches is affiliated with the International Coach Federation, a non-profit organization made up of members and professionals who provide coaching support and advance the coaching profession through programs and standards.

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Workplace Mediation

Within diverse groups of people, conflict is inevitable. In the workplace, the likelihood of conflict can be heightened; fuelled by stress, contrasting personalities and values, job pressures, and communication issues.

Workplace indicators include conflict, poorly performing teams, incidences of hostility or aggression and poor communication

Conflict in the workplace can lead to

  • Reduced productivity
  • Increased absences
  • Turnover
  • Legal action
  • Strain on internal resources required to manage the situation

With skilled third-party intervention, effective mediation gets to the heart of the matter to ensure resolution, while upholding respect for an organization's employees, integrity, and business objectives.

Our approach, interest-based mediation, promotes improved working relationships, effective communication and skill development in problem-solving and conflict resolution.

Mediation objectives

  • Mediating parties will understand their own involvement and take accountability for their actions. 
  • Establish and enact upon agreements based on their own understanding of the conflict.
  • Better understand internal policies and codes of conduct.
  • Handle future situations with developed problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.
  • Create and contribute to a respectful work environment; lead by example.

Our network of Qualified and Chartered Mediators are affiliated with the ADR Institute of Canada, a non-profit organization committed to the development and promotion of dispute resolution services, and excellence in the field. /

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